Saturday, April 18, 2015

When you go to work, you should not have to leave your heart at home

A few days back, I was browsing for inspirational quotes for posters and I came across this beautiful quote by Betty Bender, “When people go to work, they should not have to leave their hearts at home”. Although I did not choose it for my posters, it instantly caught my attention and I got it by heart. It just made me reflect on the powerful message it carries and how it resonates with many people in our society. At home, all of us are good human beings: caring and loving to our spouse and kids, warm and welcoming to guests and relatives. But there are people who often leave those qualities at home when they go to office.

As an ordinary citizen, I have been to several offices for various reasons and there have been instances when the concerned officials didn’t even care to listen to my issues. Only if you have been through one of such experiences, you would know how frustrating it is to be humiliated by the same people who are paid to help you. Yesterday, I heard that a young man who was selling books on a nominal commission was made to shed tears when a senior official threw away his books when he approached him in the office asking if he would want to buy a book. Likewise, we have so many people who leave their hearts at home when they come to work. Is it because the chairs in the office rooms remind them of the powers they hold? Or is it because they become a different person once they enter the office premises? I strongly feel that wherever we are, we should have the same heart. I believe that we all are interdependent and nobody remains the same forever. Life is full of ups and downs and one day or the other, we must depend on one another. We all are within the same circle and hence, it’s important that we learn to co-exist with everybody around us in harmony and peace. I feel that officials must really prove worthy of the respect they get from the chairs they sit on. Respect should be earned, not demanded. It should flow both ways: from us and from them. We all have our own dignity and self-worth which should be recognized at all times. We cannot afford to be a devil in the office, barking at people who walk in for support or help. So, let us all try to be the same individual, both at home and in the office. Let us learn to look at supervisors, colleagues and subordinates as our own family-members and share with them the same heart we carry from home. We won’t lose anything if we remain as a good human being wherever we go. So, I have learned a great lesson from this beautiful quote. It’s so inspiring and relevant to our social context.


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  1. As you have shared this quote yesterday with us, I have been pondering over it. It too touched me hard. Yes, many of us act different once we step outside our homes, which I feel it shouldn't be. But I am really disheartened to hear that story of a boy whose book has been thrown away. That's rude.