Wednesday, March 25, 2015

One thing you might have not known about me

Normally, I am a jolly person blest with an open heart to accommodate anybody who respects me for what I am. Although I am blind, I force myself to squeeze out of my little dark world to mingle with people around me because that often helps me forget the sad realities of my personal life. I love to smile and laugh with people as long as they don’t hesitate to accept me into their group with respect and dignity. I believe I am a person with cool temperament and that I don’t easily get angry. But that does not mean that I am an enlightened soul. As an ordinary human being, I too have a heart that can be hurt if pricked hard.

What irritates me the most is the way some people try to practically make fun of me in the public, as though I am a kid or a pet. There are some people in my circle of friends who seem to enjoy making fun of me and my disability. When they see me walking, they often stand up right in the middle of the path blocking my way and would not move away or speak a word until I guess their names correctly. Similarly, there are people who come to shake hands without speaking a single word and wait for me to recognize them. Then there are others who irritate me by briefly pulling me aside and running away, or pinching me lightly as a hint for me to recognize them. I don’t understand what the hell they are trying to do by letting a blind person recognize them at a blank point. People know pretty well that we the visually impaired people can recognize other people only by their voice and yet the way some people expect us to recognize them without talking is what irritates me the most. They might view it as a practical joke, but I view it as an insult and humiliation. Would they do the same to somebody who can see? The answer will be ‘never’. Whenever people behave in such a way with me, I personally try to call out who he or she is and if I don’t get the response right away, I totally discard the person and go my own way. I will have to be honest here: I won’t mind even punching my best friend if he or she irritates me continuously like this. I might sound harsh here but this is what I am if I am dragged into such a situation.

The latest incident happened to me last evening when I was walking home from office with my son. As I was walking down from the Swimming Pool junction towards Kelki School, there was this guy following me from behind who kept making the noise of a car-horn with his mouth hinting at me to recognize him. I don’t care who he was but that was a total insult to me in the midst of pedestrians walking up and down the road. I kept ignoring him by talking to my son about his day’s lessons because I was already boiling from within. I know he must be one of my friends only, but I don’t care who the hell he was as long as he treats me like a toy. Was he thinking that I might mistake him for a car and give him way just because I can’t see him? Being blind does not mean that we deserve to be fooled around. So friends, I will value your friendship only if you value mine. A true friend won’t make fun of the other friend like this regardless of whether he or she is a disabled. My colleagues in Youth Center Division are all good to me. I never feel different while being with them. So, my dear office friends, I would like to thank all of you for considering me worthy of being part of you despite my disability. I would like to earnestly request you all to help me spread this message into the wider community because I know there are many people who make fun of people with disabilities, especially the blind. Although it might look funny for the sighted people to irritate blind people, it’s never funny for us. We want people to be in our shoes and respect us with dignity for what we are. After all, we are also ordinary human beings worthy of living in harmony with everybody else in the society.



  1. Hi Amrith,

    I am with you on this one. It is a bullying in action. I would not call this people a friend. Friend doesn't do this kind of thing to each other. But, hey wheel of karma is always turning, it will eventually get them sooner or later. Take care :)

  2. Hi Nuri,

    Thank you very much for sharing my feelings. Yes, it really irritates me. I know they r joking, but I don't know why, I am not able to digest it... But I have a good number of friends who do not do that to me..... I respect them and they respect me..

  3. This is really sad, Amrith sir. Sorry to hear this. You have every reason to get angry and humiliated. Shame on those on who play such pranks. I hope they realize what a lame thing they are doing sooner rather than later.
    Well, I can see a possibility of me crossing ways with you sometimes. I have been to the YDF for quite a few times before and I saw you. I heard your names through some of the sharchop songs you used to sing. Now I know through blogging, I would love to say hello and have a brief chat with you. Hope to see you around Thimphu. I am left with little more than a month to graduate from college. :)
    Take care and good day, sir!

  4. Hi Mr. Langa,

    Thank you so much for the comment. I might be taking negatively but really it's too frustrating at times. Yes, definitely I would love to catch up with u. If u come to YDF, my office is just below it... u come down to Youth Center at Harmony: the Centenary Youth Village below YDF and above Swimming pool.... I look forward to meeting u. And I would like to wish u the best of luck for the final few weeks of your student life.

    Take care la...

  5. I feel unfortunate we are in a place where such thing happens. I am really sorry to hear this sir. I bluntly say that particular act was barbaric.

  6. Amrith sir: its very sad to hear such things la. i too agree what you have written. we should not make other person unhappy by making fun of his or her disabilities. so sad to hear that la..