Friday, March 6, 2015

How to eat less to reduce weight

With so many lifestyle diseases like diabetes and hypertension on the rise today, people are increasingly becoming health-conscious. In addition to health concerns, people are also worried about their body-shape and physical beauty which can be certainly distorted by obesity. This can ultimately cost them their social status. Hence, many people are on strict diet nowadays or they are found either jogging or doing physical exercises regularly to maintain their physical health. The life of people in urban centers is not as hard as that of villagers and hence, we have nothing to do that can make us sweat and burn the extra calories we take everyday. So, many people especially girls resort to the easiest option: skipping meals to reduce their body weight. But research suggests that it will instead make you put on weight if you skip meals. Studies have found that rather than skipping meals, eating less quantity of food is the most effective and safe way of shedding off extra weight.

I don’t remember in which magazine I read but there was a very nice article about how to avoid binge-eating especially during social occasions. I have learned in my psychology class that binging is the unhealthiest habit since it feeds your body with unusually high amount of food which your body cannot digest in the routine digestion process. So, it’s advised that we must always eat less and avoid binging, no matter how big is the occasion you are being invited to. Now, how to suppress your appetite and eat less when you can see several types of food laid on the table in front you sending out tantalizing aroma across the room? Well, I have learned from that article a few most important techniques that can help us do just that. I am going to share those techniques with you today so that you might find them helpful.

Starting your meal with either curry or salad

When you just go for the first serving, make sure that you don’t put too much on your plate. To avoid this, you must spread the food evenly across your plate so that you won’t feel inadequate. Put more curry and salad than rice. Then when you are back at your table, do not start with rice. Instead, it’s advised that you must start with either the curry, soup or salad so that the brunt of your appetite can be softened. This will help you avoid eating more since it dilutes the concentration of hydrochloric acid swirling inside your stomach.

Eat slowly

The next technique to eat less is to eat very slowly. The article has said that if you take at least 15 minutes to finish your meal, you will naturally feel full although you have taken a very small amount of food. So, it’s important to eat your food in bits and take as much time as you can to kill your hunger and appetite. It’s said that the faster you eat, the more quantity you will take because it takes time for your appetite to subside.

Sitting far from the serving table

The final technique is to sit far from the serving table to discourage yourself from going for the second serving. It’s believed that when you sit far enough, you will feel inconvenient to walk all the way to the serving table to get extra food and hence, most people tend to give it up. But if you find yourself close to the serving table, you can be tempted to go for some extra food.

I feel that those techniques are not so hard to practice. I tried at least the first two techniques once and I found them helpful. But gradually I relapsed to my old eating patterns and now I am struggling to get back to those techniques. Whatever you do, I have realized that you must never try to skip meals. When you skip one meal, research suggests that the hydrochloric acid inside your stomach becomes more concentrated and hence, it digests your next meal more thoroughly and feeds your body with extra calories which will not happen if you had taken the earlier meal. Moreover, the level of appetite will be much higher if you have missed the earlier meal and therefore, there is a great chance that you will eat more. So, if you continue to eat less instead of skipping meals, it’s said that you can definitely maintain your appetite level and balance the amount of food you take everyday. With life made so easy and comfortable by technology, I feel this could be the only option for us to burn our extra fats in addition to regular physical exercises. I am also trying to practice what I am preaching.

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