Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Who is really lucky?

Photo of Bhutanese 8 lucky signs. Image source: google.

I don’t own a car because my wife can’t drive. She can see but she has no passion for driving. A few years back, she forced herself to learn how to drive out of necessity, but she lost all the little confidence she had developed, after she accidentally hit another car. I have a lot of passion for driving, but I have no sight. What a tragic mismatch! When I was able to see the world as a child, I still remember that my ambition was to become a truck driver but it could never materialize. So whenever I walk to and from my office or roam in the town, I often meet my friends driving nice family cars. Looking at such a comfortable and luxurious lifestyle they live, I feel they are luckier than me because they seem to have everything that can make them live their lives to the fullest. But they often tell me that I am luckier than them because since I don’t have a car, I don’t have to worry about the extra expenses incurred on the maintenance of the car and the fuel. In a way, I feel they are also right but the maintenance and fuel cost is definitely not the reason why I am not able to own a car.

I know my loss of vision has definitely weighed me down with so many challenges because I find it difficult to do most of the things which I used to do easily when I was able to see. In a social setting, I often find myself lost in the midst of cheering crowds of people watching dance shows or sports which do not make much meaning to me. But when I appear on the stage to sing, people say I am lucky because although I have no sight, I am blest with a good voice. I know I am not a good singer but I love singing and writing songs. Although I miss the physical beauty of the world, people make me feel that I have not missed much of other gifts of nature.

When I am among high level officers and bosses, I feel they are lucky because they have the power to change the world around them as they wish. But when I am with ordinary people, they say I am lucky because although I am blind, I have got good education and have good job. Well, I believe they are also right. I have been fortunate enough to get the opportunities to go to school and to the well-known universities which indeed makes me luckier than many individuals who have not got such opportunities. So, who is the lucky person ultimately? I find all those who can see and have a comfortable life luckier than me, but they find me luckier than them. Even in counseling profession, I feel counselors who have sight are luckier because of their ability to observe the nonverbal cues in their clients but some people say that since I can’t see, my clients might feel more comfortable confiding in me their confidential information. So, I am literarily confused who is lucky at the end of the day. I have come to understand that ultimately, everybody is equally lucky in his or her own ways. I think this is the best way to take life forward. It’s not going to do good if we measure our successes against the successes of others. This is what I have realized lately.


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