Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Very Inspiring Blog Award 2015

I would like to take a special opportunity to thank
Rima Reyka
for kindly nominating my blog for the Very Inspiring Award 2015. I hope I have been a source of inspiration for you through my blog.

For those who heard about the award for the very first time, the Very Inspiring Blog Award is an award to recognize other bloggers for being such an inspiration. And in order for the person to accept the award, there are few rules to follow:

  • Thank and link the amazing person who nominated you

  • List the rules and display the Award on your blog

  • Say 7 facts about yourself

  • Nominate other 15 amazing bloggers for the award, link them and inform them about the nominations.

Below are the 7 facts about myself (that you might or might not know about it before):

  1. I was born in a Hindu family but I am a Buddhist

  2. I have become a vegetarian since 1st November 2011

  3. I have lost sight at the age of 9

  4. I have no parents and siblings. I am all alone

  5. I am married with two sons and one adopted daughter

  6. I love romance and humour

  7. I love singing and writing poems

Now I would like to nominate the following blogs that have inspired me, for the award:

  1. Rikku Dhan Subba's blog

  2. Sherab Tenzin's blog

  3. Overcome Life

  4. Langa Tenzin's blog

  5. Kingdom of most friendly people

  6. Inspiration Juvenile

  7. A ray of hope

  8. A mother's journey

  9. A Bhutanese Traveller's Diary

  10. Once along my life's journey

  11. Gopilal Acharya

  12. Pelmo's Journal: Journey with my Life

  13. I relate to that

  14. Life has much more in its basket

  15. Passu Diary

Once again, many many thanks to Rima Reyka for kindly nominating my blog for the award and I also would llike to express my special gratitude to all the above listed bloggers for inspiring me. Keep writing and keep inspiring me. I am truly privileged to be part of the community of bloggers. I would like to wish you a very very happy New Year 2015.


  1. Hi sir, I see you have been already nominated for the award but I have also nominated you for the same. :)

  2. Hey finally I write my comment here on your blog! ^^

    It's my pleasure la Amrith Sir! I believe everyone would agree that you sure deserved it! I love the way you often wrote jokes and gratitude about life in your blog posts. Keep it up la! No matter you keep your blog here or change it to blogspot, I'm sure people will always wait for your new post! Keep writing and inspiring us! Take care and have a wonderful time! :)

  3. Hi Rima,

    I am so sorry I could not moderate your comment till now. For some strange reason, it was in the spam folder and I could find it only just now. Well, thank u so much for taking trouble to leave your comment here. I am feeling truly encouraged by such wonderful comments from nice readers like u. I feel very blest in the circle of fellow-bloggers like u. Keep visiting my blog and keep encouraging me to write more. I will also do the same. Let us always keep in touch through our blogs.

    Thanks and take care. I look forward to seeing u again.

  4. Hi Sherab,

    Many many thanks for nominating my blog for the award. It's a great pleasure to be part of such a dynamic group of bloggers like u. Keep writing and let us continue to encourage each other.

  5. I was about to ask you if you received my comment and it's already here! ^^ I thought it's lost somewhere haha... Sure... Let's motivate each other through our blog! Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  6. Yes, Rima, I have moderated your comments. U can drop by whenever u like. It has been a great pleasure communicating with u through our blogs. Let us continue to motivate each other through our writings as u have said. Have fun and take care. Keep checking back whenever u get time.