Monday, January 19, 2015

A reflection of human life as I see it

I am wondering if it’s a symptom of aging, but over the recent years, I often find myself contemplating on the universal truths about human life. It has been over thirty-four years since I have entered this world now and looking back on the journey I have made so far, I still feel empty with nothing at hand which is worth leaving behind when I am gone. The irony is that time flies without notice and just in a flash of seconds, we disappear into the dark before even we have fulfilled our dreams. Time never waits for anybody. It keeps on moving, dragging us along with it, to our final resting place where we will be ultimately left. It’s very sad that as days pile up, the world would soon forget us and thereafter, we dissolve into the real state of emptiness.

I know nothing is permanent in this world. Every beginning must come to an end and there is no exception even to this universe. There is a common phrase in Buddhist scriptures which states that all born must die and the wealth we accumulate will be gone someday. The world is changing every second and so are we. In fact, all of us are heading towards eternity. The only difference is that some are ahead, some are with us and the rest are behind us, but ultimately, we are moving in the same direction.

A couple of years ago while listening to the teaching of an Indian Guru, I learned that Lord Buddha had said “I am only a guest here in this world. I don’t belong here!” and so are we. We are here only as guests and we have never been authorized to live here forever. What a sad reality! As Osho, an Indian Yogi Master, has said, millions of people were here before us, and millions of others will be in our place after we are gone. I can easily relate this idea to what William Shakespeare had said about the world being a stage. It seems we have come here just to perform some shows on the stage and vanish behind the curtains once we finish our turn. How the world will remember us after that will depend on the quality of shows we have performed on the stage. The better performers will be remembered for sometime but no wonder, they too will fade away with time one day.

Life is very uncertain. We don’t have any control over it. It’s like travelling in a bus in which you are not the driver. No matter how fast the bus moves, or how rough is the road, you have no control over the situation. For instance, we have no idea what’s happening with the tectonic plates deep inside the Earth under us. We don’t know what’s happening in the skies right above us. We don’t even know what changes are taking place in the mountains guarding us and the rivers flowing across our valleys. The risks are everywhere. As Elton John sings, I think life is only like a candle in the wind, with no guarantee when it will be blown out. The only thing which is certain about life is that it’s uncertain. So, I feel life is too short and too precious to be wasted doing nothing. In the name of God, let us all try to be at least a good human being and do something worthy of our life before we leave so that the world can remember us at least for a couple of years after we are gone. God bless all the sentient beings of this world with eternal peace, love and harmony!

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