Saturday, December 13, 2014

A Love Triangle

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It was about fifteen years ago when I was studying in Khaling. There was a boy who was in love with a girl from the same school. He was junior to me though. Many of us knew that the girl also loved him but the problem was that neither of them had the guts to confess their love for each other. We were all aware that both of them had soft corners for each other. The boy would often share with me his feelings for her and we heard that the girl used to do the same with her girl-friends. Soon, we began to tease them for each other as it was a common practice in the school, but I think that worsened the situation for them. They even seemed to avoid each other in the public and remained as if they were strangers to each other.

At one time, he was my room-mate and we became close friends. We did not only share our toiletries together but also our secrets and fantasies. Whenever we got some leisure time, our gossip ranged from talking about some hot and gorgeous girls of the school to our studies and future career. I would often try to switch the topic of our conversation over to his silent lover but he would always refuse to take it seriously and he would always say he’s not interested in her. But deep inside, I knew he had a soft corner for her.

One night as we were chatting in the hostel, I told him that I would help him win the heart of his admirer if he truly loves her. I told him that I could take his message to her and let her know that he loves her truly. He finally confided in me how much he loved her and allowed me to be his messenger of love. So, I volunteered to be their matchmaker.

A couple of days later, I managed to meet the girl in private and conveyed what my friend had confided in me and convinced her that he loved her so much. She was easily convinced and accepted him. She sent back some messages for him which I conveyed to him immediately. Likewise, I frequently carried their letters, wishing cards and verbal messages for several days but the boy wasn’t yet ready to date the girl. He was too shy and lacked the confidence to meet her in person. The girl would often question me why he never comes to see her and I was always compelled to justify to her that he was not confident to talk to her alone although he loved her so much. I had wanted them to be more than friends but they never seemed to progress in their relationship.

The long winter vacation soon came by and the students began to leave for their respective villages for the vacation. It was a sad ending for both of them because they were preparing to depart even before they could make their love for each other real. My friend left as soon as his completed his final exam-paper. He could not even say ‘goodbye’ to his girl-friend. After he left, the girl was sad and we talked for sometime about their failed relationship. Suddenly, she said “I think it would have been better if you and I had been together.” I hesitated a bit but I knew she was frustrated and tired of trying to win the heart of someone she had loved for months. Thereafter, we often caught up and talked about all sorts of things for hours. I was staying in the school for the winter vacation, preparing for my ISC exams to be held in March. And she was to leave in a couple of weeks. Perhaps due to more frequent contacts with me than her actual admirer, I realized that she had begun to love me instead. At one point of our conversation, she confessed that she loves me. I could not reject her feelings because I knew if I did so, she would be hurt for the second time. I told her that I love her too. In fact, I did not really love her because I always saw her as my friend’s girl-friend but I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. She insisted that she has realized he would never propose her and that they would never be able to make it to their future together. Although I was guilty, the natural tendency in me seemed to over-rule my conscience at that moment.


  1. This is actually a nice story sir and is very much common specially in schools where a mediator or the match maker ends up becoming the lead actor (the lover) instead. there are many instances of this kind. That's why i have never considered of involving mediator in between ..:)
    Keep writing!....

  2. Hahaha, You are right, Tshewang.... It's good that you never employed any middlemen. lol! I did a couple of times but mostly ladies. So, it was safe, at least for me. haha.

  3. wow... you indeed was such an strategic and diplomatic messenger. But that has happened in school - days of innocence. Nice read

  4. Thank you so much for your comment, Tenzin. Yes, it was those days of innocence. I miss my school days. lol!