Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A song for my late mother

You gave me love
You gave me affection,
Bearing all hardships day and night,
You opened my door to the outside world.
Mom, you are my true Angel!

Drinking your own tears,
You fed me with your milk,
And holding my tender hands,
You taught me how to walk.
Mom, you are my true Angel!

Hiding your own tears,
You did not let me cry,
And no matter how hungry you were,
You never let me starve.
Mom, you are my true Angel!

When I followed you to the fields and rough places,
You always let me walk before you
So that you could ensure I was safe
And guided me to the right path whenever needed.
Mom, you are my true Angel!

Keeping gaping wounds inside your heart,
You managed to smile to light my world
And every time I was sick or worried,
You always stood by my side.
Mom, you are my true Angel!

I shall never forget the way
You helped me shape my world
And although you are dead and gone now,
I shall forever remain grateful for the sacrifices you have made for me.
Mom, you are my true Angel!


  1. Interesting and creative...indeed sad to read...life is what make us this...thanks

  2. Many many thanks for your encouragement, Sanchaji.... Keep visiting please....