Saturday, November 1, 2014

A Glimpse of Drukyul

National flag of Bhutan. Image source: google.

On the lap of great Himalayas lies
Heavenly Drukyul with a magical charm in her eyes,
And on her shimmering face I can clearly see
A rich history interwoven with immense glee.
Let me now back into her past dive
And find out what has kept her so far alive!
O with great pride here she says
How could she survive throughout those crucial days: ---

“Downhill marched my early sons with bows and arrows,
While uphill climbed with modern arms their common foes;
And my fate then remained swaying to and fro
Making both the battalions more greedy and jealous grow.
While inch by inch the Mighty Whites upward came,
I could still see on their brows a great burning flame
And as the hostile parties came face to face,
Even Gods from their abodes rose to dispel the mess.

All days and nights the battle kept going,
And there were rivers of blood down my cheeks flowing;
The atmosphere itself was with sights and sounds of war pregnant
Making my hopes and courage remain stagnant.
Really it was a tough and challenging game,
But ultimately could my sons win the name;
Hence I am a tree nourished not by water and fertilizers,
But by the bloods and sweats of those great martyrs.

When the Mighty Whites had at last away gone,
So glad was I to have my fortunes reborn;
And since then high stood my flag with pride
Displaying a message of victory for the world outside.
Thus like a victorious ship have I reached the present shore
With my selfless sons constantly guiding my oar
And whenever some waves did tend to shake me,
They instantly came over to pull me on into the safer sea.”

O mother, may you forever this smile preserve,
For here do I come with the heart of my ancestors to serve
You in any circumstance that needs my hands
And ever ready I am to follow your motherly commands.
Keep smiling mother, keep smiling all the while,
For this world must always be lighted by your gentle smile.


  1. Drukyul - Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon

  2. Common foes - Brittish army

  3. Mighty whites - Brittish soldiers

  4. Sons - Bhutanese soldiers

  5. Safer sea - peace.

Author's note:

I have completed this poem on Tuesday, 1st April, 2008. I have tried to put in nutshell the history of our nation in this piece. I hope you would easily comprehend the lines and enjoy the composition.

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