Wednesday, September 24, 2014

While You Live, Live with joy

If born to die in the world are we,
Why, then like a free eagle let us all be! –
Soaring above the hills and dales so high,
Let us the pinnacle of life reach without a sigh.
As every living soul fromn this world has to vanish after all,
Let us imbibe this life to the lees before we fall;
Let our hearts and livers with gusto bleed,
And bubble with pleasures without any sweep of greed.

Let us hoard no wealth as does a honeybee,
For it only provokes in the vicinity hatred and jealousy;
Hence let us be content with what we have for today,
And gladly accept whatever comes our next way.
Knowing that life is as empty as the blowing breeze,
Let us bliss into bliss weave before we freeze;
And just before Death comes with its venomous mouth to sting,
Let us like a pendulum with delights to and fro swing.

See how easily do the distant trees dance
As the gentle breeze over them runs!
And see how lively do the rivers downhill flow!
Or how clearly do the stars in the darkest nights glow!
So should be our hearts brimming with life
Making every moment as sweet as the melody of a fife.

When every single second drags us into our grave,
Why should we for wealth and power ever crave?
It shall only make our living foes dance
As our souls at last into eternity prance.
So a Dog in the Manger let us never be,
For nothing can we take to Heaven as an entrance fee;
Hence let us with life play to the fullest
So that our souls can after death in great peace rest.


  1. I absolutely loved the composition, Sir. Very insightful and worth taking some lines from here. My favorite lines here, "Let us hoard no wealth as does a honeybee, For it only provokes in the vicinity hatred and jealousy".

  2. Many many thanks for the comment, Riks. I am glad that you have enjoyed my poem. I used to write poems quite frequently before, but now I have stopped. This particular piece was written in 2008. So, I just thought I would share it on my blog since I could not get an interesting topic to post about. I am planning to publish them someday. I hope I will be able to realize this dream. LoL!